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Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Establishment of e-Systems in Support of Infrastructure Finance in Asia

AC, through the ADFIAP DFI-network of 130 member-institutions in 45 countries in the Asia Pacific Region, assisted ADB in the building up of data base for ADB’s National Infrastructure Information System (NIIS) which is the IT backbone of the Green Finance Network. ADB has committed to support through a technical assistance, together with the international organization R20 (Regions in Climate Action), the establishment of the Green Finance Network (GFN) of banks and other financial institutions interested to finance climate-positive projects in Developing Member Countries. Meeting this commitment requires the rapid establishment of communications channels to reach as many development finance institutions as possible in order to inform them of the GFN and to solicit feedback and constructive input into the proposed GFN structure and operations. Now that the NIIS project structuring platform and project documentation tools have been launched, the full implementation of the technical assistance calls for the dissemination of access to the NIIS platform to as many national and sub-national level development finance institutions in Asia-Pacific Developing Member Countries as rapidly and efficiently possible.

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