ADFIAP Consulting

What we do

Capacity Building

considering the extensive experience of the AC team in the field of development finance, particularly in the ESG areas, capacity building of development finance institutions and their clients is its major strength.

Institutional Building and Strengthening

AC conducts advisory and consultancy services on building and strengthening DFIs and same-purposed institutions involved in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)

Enterprise Development

AC offers its Enterprise Help Desk to allow budding entrepreneurs receive professional advice in determining the prospects of a business venture and analyze the potentials of its business plans before securing a loan.

Professional Coaching

AC provides expert coaching and mentoring services to help institutional clients identify their goals and develop strategies and action plans to achieve their greatest potentials.

Financial Advisory

AC provides professional financial advice to DFIs and their clients, particularly MSMEs to improve their financial planning and management.

Program Management

AC designs and implements various development interventions in the lending process catered to the developmental needs of the DFIs and same- purposed institutions to improve margins for profitability and sustainability.